About Us


ZiPee Bikes Ltd was founded by CEO Naomi Aptowitzer. With a small investment, injection of passion and few close friends and family to give a helping hand, the company soon started to evolve. Today we have given our sincere commitment, dedication and hard work to ensuring  we are able to fully satisfy our customers with our high quality products & services. We have a team that handles each and every process to make our products and services stand out in the electric bike sector.  Our award-winning training programme has been nationally recognised for its innovative and engaging and cutting edge methodology.

Company History

ZiPee BikesZero input of Pollution from emissions into the environment, was set up in in 2006 responding to the growing use of fossil fuel and high polluting exhaust fumes that have been scientifically proven to have a causal effect on air quality and public health. 

Having suffered with Asthma it was even more important to raise the profile of Alternative transport is high  on the many urban transportation needs in highly built up areas. Today there is a growing array of alternative fuel and energy powered vehicles including cars, bikes and electric mopeds. Many traditional forms of transport however are still powered by unsustainable energy of fossil fuels like petrol, diesel or gas. Climate change is real and is happening now. It's a fact: 75% of all journeys made are under 5 miles of which 82% are made by car. Opting for an electric bike can be more practical than a conventional bike - travel further, cheaper and for less effort you are likely to arrive at your destination faster than you would by car or in certain cases London transport. Cut through the traffic and do it all in silence because the ZiPee is extremely quiet therefore it cuts out noise pollution. You can still get as much exercise as you want simply by pedaling it. A twist of the throttle gets you going with little effort.
A Zero Emissions ZiPee bike is a viable alternative to a second car, a 4x4, saloon or even the sexiest sports car. Help reduce the amount of CO2 and other harmful pollutants including Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Benzene, PM-10s and other carcenogens pumped into the environment.
All it takes is a change in lifestyle habit....Read a feasibility case study conducted by capacity.org.uk We can stop the rise in poor air quality and the rise in asthma from air pollution if we want to. Substitute short car journeys with a ZiPee-bike. A ZiPee takes you up to 25 miles on a single charge which means you can safely travel to and from work without building up a sweat. The opportunities to take the lead despite political will to change traveling in the slow lane, means YOU CAN make a difference. In order for politicians to take the necessary decisions they need the support of strong public opinion. It starts with
the you - Write to your MP by asking fo the update in the law on electrically assisted pedal cycles passed in 1983 SI 1168. This law [currently in the UK/Australia] was proposed in 1979 and fails to keep up with technology or the rest of the world. If we in the UK are going to lead in the Green economy, laws are needed that can allow for technological development and transport adaptation. Electrically assisted pedal bikes such as ZiPees, have been manufactured to travel up to 60-70 miles on a single charge making long distance travel a viable option. Making the change isn't going to be easy, however keeping up with technological advancements can have a positive effect on commuters suffering from 'range anxiety' when traveling round town. While the current law supports the use of electrically assisted pedal cycles on UK roads, more progress should be made to allow for more rapid change in transport helping to improve our air quality and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.